10 Things I’ve Done by Age 25

I was watching the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. rerun and apparently, they were 25/26 then!!! Since I’m about to say goodbye to the age 25, I began to wonder what I’ve accomplished, what I’ve done on my first quarter century on Earth. So let’s go do a list!

  1. Learned a language. I’ve learned the basics of Japanese. Just the basics. But I went to Japan and was able to converse with the people there in pure Japanese (as a tourist) so I guess that’s semi-good enough? This brings me to my next item:
  2. Went to Japan. If there’s one country, one place in the world you want to visit, what is it? That’s Japan for me. So yes, big accomplishment.
  3. Learned how to ride a bike. I can only ride a straight, flat line and do really slow turns, but hey, that’s something.
  4. Hiked more than a dozen mountains. Mountaineering for me is conquering myself, moving past my limits, and seeing the world in a different perspective.
  5. Traveled abroad on my own. Cambodia and Vietnam are filled with backpackers. I’ve met all sorts of people, and I think I’ll be doing this for the rest of my 20’s.
  6. Tried a martial art – Muay Thai for me. Just a couple of months though.
  7. Worked my dream job – fresh out of graduation! My dream job was to be an auditor in a specific firm and…
  8. Left my dream job – well… apparently it’s not for me.
  9. I wanna say fell in love, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet. So let’s put – ran 10km. Yes, I know for some people this is a minor feat, but for a lazy bum like me this is already a big deal. I’m training for my first 21km run now, and hope for the best!
  10. Lived alone – I’ve learned that I enjoy my own company, and it’s saddening that a lot of people don’t (enjoy my company? :p) It’s saddening that a lot of people feel loneliness when they are alone.

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