Rocks and Mud


A haven in the midst of summer heat – Mt. Daraitan is a mountain where one simply has to go up a set of muddy stairs. The good thing is we get to swim in the cave with grrrr cold water and thus wash our shoes! (sorry to those wearing waterproof shoes 😦

How to get there

  1. Starmall – Go to Star Mall in Crossing, Ortigas at around 4am.
  2. Ride a jeepney or an fx (suggest you take an fx) to Tanay. (I don’t remember how much it was exactly. Around PHP50 I guess?)
  3. At Tanay, we rode a tricycle to go to the river (around PHP300 per ride, there was two of us)
  4. At the river, take the boat to cross (less than a minute. As of February 2016, there was already a bridge across the river) at Php5 per head
  5. Once the river was crossed, take a tricycle to go to jump off point (PHP20 per ride?)



  1. Fare – PHP450 roundtrip (2 pax sharing fixed costs)
  2. Guide – PHP250 (PHP500/2 pax)
  3. Lomi and coffee at Tinapak River – PHP35


The Trek


Rough road on the way to jump off (we were riding a tricycle)


River to cross to go to the jump off. There’s already a bridge last Feb 2016

It was muddy. and crowded. and rocky at some points. We did the traverse, and some rocks you have to squeeze through – I call them judgmental rocks because I feel they ban fat people – my thin friend breezed through, and I had to put my arms in front of me to squeeze through the rocks!

I think the biggest risk  was the soles of my shoes. I keep on thinking they will fall off – that’s how sticky the path was.

At the summit, there’s a platform to stand at – perfect for a wedding if you can get people to go up a 4 hour hike.


20151212_113756 (1).jpg
The platform. It was too foggy on my first hike to Mt. Daraitan!

Don’t forget to look for the heart shaped river that you can see at the summit!


Heart shaped river path – sorry I couldn’t take a clear shot.  I was too lazy to stand while waiting for the rest of my group.


Tinapak River

Do not forget to drop by the cave and the river!

Say hi to our guide – Kuya Pido!


 See how amazing the rocks at the river is?


You can actually camp near the river. There are villas (not in picture) you can rent too.





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