The Land of Nomnomnom


I’ve always thought that the Bacolod chicken was overrated. I was wrong. It was, for all intents and purposes, the best chicken I’ve ever had the opportunity to taste.

My friend and I visited last January and here’s a quick recap of/tips based on our adventure.

Where to Eat

1. Chicken House. I actually prefer this over Manokan Country. With only PHP200ish I was able to eat two servings worth of food. (it’s on the main road, we just lucked out and passed through it on our way to Robinsons. They open at around 4pm, so no lunches here.)

2. Calea. Cheap, good pastries.  (about three to four blocks away from Chicken House)

3. Museum Cafe. They have weird food – I wanted to try Baklava but they only had the Chico pie, which tasted weird. I ate it all though.They also had gumamela (hibiscus) juice, which also tasted weird. I drank it all too. Haha.

Chico pie – tasted weird but I still ate it all!

Where to Stay

There was an inn in the street behind Calea, with excellent staff, good breakfast, clean rooms and a nearby 24 hour massage place. It was about PHP1,100 for a room for two (separate beds) so we’re happy with it. We tried others, no other place passed my standards and my friend’s budget.

What to do

We didn’t have an itinerary but this was what happened on our trip:

  • 6am to 12 noon. Mambukal Resort
  • 12 noon to 3pm. Museum, museum cafe.
  • 3pm to 7pm. The Ruins
  • 7pm to 9pm. Dinner at Chicken House.
  • 9pm to 11pm. Massage


1. Mambukal Resort

We took a bus to go to Mambukal, and even the ride was a different experience. The ride back was so slow, we were the speed of a jogger. Ugh. Either way, there were two things we did in Mambukal – visited the seven falls and explored the resort.

The seven falls were a bit anticlimatic – I suggest going to Laguna rather than Mambukal for the falls. I loved the hike (well, I almost always do) but was a bit disappointed with the falls.


The seventh falls – which was supposedly the “biggest” one. Well, seems we have different standards of “big”.
This was the “grass” on the trail


The foliage at the resort was flat out amazing though.


Yep, those were bats.


2. The Ruins

This place was used by the Japanese as a base and was burned down, going up in flames for days. The impressive structures survived the fire, and now we have The Ruins.  What can you do in the Ruins? Nothing but bask in the beauty of it. Suggest you go there around 4pm and stay until early evening.

How to get there

  1. Take a jeepney  (I don’t remember, but definitely less than PHP50 from town proper)
  2. Take a tricycle, around PHP100 per head I think.
The majesty of The Ruins


Sorry I don’t have pictures for the rest of the day, but it was simply one big food trip. 🙂

Something inspiring I saw on the road.





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