Stay at District 1.


Ho Chi Min City reminded me of Hunger Games with the city divided into “Districts”.

From Phnom Penh, I crossed the border to Ho Chi Minh with Giant Ibis.It was a smooth crossing, and they simply stamped the last page of my passport (I wonder why).

The border didn’t look promising. Good thing this first impression was wrong.

I’ve set my expectations to “low” after seeing the border.

Day 1 went smoothly, I stayed at Bich Duyen Hotel which was in the midst of the Backpacker’s street. I loved the hotel, the food and the great accommodations. I was on the fourth floor (I think?) and there were no stairs, which might be an issue for some, but I actually like stairs so  I loved it.

Saigon Hotpot

A free tour by a local. I stumbled on Saigon Hotpot and registered – they give free city tours in exchange to practicing their English! You can tell your local guide where you want to go. In my case, we went to the Notre Dame of Ho Chi Minh, the post office (where I mailed myself a postcard), ate and talked in the park, and ate a local soup store. AND THEY DON’T ACCEPT ANY FORM OF PAYMENT. What an amazing group. 🙂


Cu Chi Tunnels

and I thought the Killing Fields was the only sad part of the trip. Really, there’s no winner in wars.

It is best to hire a tour company in Vietnam, so that’s what I did. My hostel, Bich Duyen, arranged it for me for merely VND350,000 ish. All tour companies are required to pass through the home (?) for the disabled who were affected by the biological bombing in the last war.

Well, I think lots of people should join this class. (peace)

I don’t have pictures of the tunnels itself, but I never thought I had claustrophobia until the time I tried those tunnels. Ugh, never again.


Far too many motorcycles. Neither do they stop at red lights (sometimes they do, but don’t trust it!)

This was the last leg of my trip – I wanted to go to Hanoi but that’s 36 hours ish (?) away by train. 😦  I also wanted to go to Mekong Delta but I didn’t have enough time. Hope to be back soon!


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