Quick Stop at Osaka


We weren’t that fond of cities nor Japanese food so we basically just passed through Osaka. (so why were we in Japan??! haha) With the buzz of people milling around us, it was hard to find some peace and quiet.

Tenma Itoya Guesthouse

I booked this based on a friend’s recommendation, and it was our favorite thing in Osaka.  We were late by a couple of hours because we were stuck in Kansai International Airport (paging Japanese immigration!). So I called them and asked if it’s ok if we come in after midnight. And they said it was ok!!!

A small inn in the middle of a neighborhood.
Look at our room! Tatami mats and futon!

Endo Sushi

An art form that they’ve been doing for a hundred years. We came early the next  morning to taste the famous, sought after sushi. Hence we ordered one plate each.

Dishes at Endo Sushi! looks amazing!

At this point, we learn that we can’t eat raw food. Bleh.


We went to Nara afterwards, and went back to Osaka to see Osaka Castle.

Osaka Castle

There was a lot of walking involved and we got lost halfway trying to get into the castle.

The quiet areas one can stumble on when lost…



We saw this plant everywhere serving as hedges. Wish we could take one!


One can’t vist Osaka and not go to Dotonbori. We explored a bit, went to Uniqlo, ate at Ichiran Ramen, shopped at Daiso (the hundred dollar store?) then went home.

Some tips at eating in Japan:

  • Say “karakunai?” to ensure it’s not spicy – a lesson learned the hard way
  • There’s usually a bag hook underneath the table
  • The partitions can usually be removed

We were supposed to go to Mt. Tempo (4meter high mountain) and the ferris wheel but we were so tired. 😦



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