The Quarter Life Crisis

Hello fellow millennials!

Around two or so years ago, I’ve started asking “What am I doing in my life?”. When I was young, I was told to finish my studies and pass my boards. Now what?

I’ve worked in a grueling, career building job. I’ve left. Because I wasn’t happy. We can go through all the reasons – the pay, the work, the time, etc. But at the end of the day, it’s because I’m not happy anymore.

Then came a series of jobs, etc, and I realize that I’m in a slump. My career’s not moving forward and I’m being left behind! So what did I do?

1. Got an online part time job.

A huge part of the problem was I did not know what I want. I do know what I don’t want – once I’ve tried it.

I don’t know what kind of work I want to do for the rest of my life (say this in an ominous voice). So I started working online. I earned money (not necessarily a lot), build up a repertoire of competencies and tried a lot of different things – things not necessarily in my field. It was at my part time job that I learned I don’t like HR and bookkeeping roles.

So how?

Try There are all sorts of jobs out there.

2. Continued working full time.

As awesome as it is to just travel and work from home, I cannot let my credentials atrophy while trying to figure out what I want to do.

I kept a full time job – any full time job that was somewhat related to by field.

So how?

  • Stay at your current job (if you have one)
  • Find a new job (if you don’t)
  • OR:

3. Volunteer.

If I can’t work a decent, related job, I’ve thought of going to volunteer on a decent, related role.

We need experience. To get experience, we need to work. We can also set up our own business (which is NOT short term. sorry millennial), OR volunteer (which is short term! yey millennial!)

So how?

Look for volunteer organizations near you. Based on my previous research, most require you to pay to volunteer (what?!). But based on a friend, I saw a good org:

Try VSO International (the site will be US based. Look for the local one)

This is a unique form of volunteering wherein you do something related to your field AND you get paid, though for a minimal amount.

4. Trained.

In this world, if we are not moving forward, we’re moving backwards.

Graduate degree.

Now this is fun. There are hundreds of scholarships out there. Find one for yourself. I did. When I figured out what to do, I had to be trained for it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any money or resource. So I searched. And searched. And searched…


Now this is not as fun. There are global certifications for practically every professional body. Get those. My company does not have a training program, so I had to figure it out myself. As I see it, a certification would require me to study (hence “train”), and I’ll even get a certification!

So how?


For a scholarship, see Japan Young Leaders Program


There you go. I’m still at step 4 – let’s see what the next step will be. 🙂



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