Stairway to Heaven

20160313_060743 - Copy.jpg

The trail was simple – you just have to hike up a flight of stairs. For seven hours. With a full, at least 8kgs pack. Hello Mt. Amuyao.

I can’t give you the details because our trip was handled by Weekend Wanderlust where we paid PHP3,600 for everything (transpo, food, guide fees. We had to rent a tent at PHP200 per tent good for 2 pax).

Quick tips

  • Don’t bring too much water. There’s a water source near the summit.
  • Be prepared for the cold. I was wearing gloves, bonnet, one heat-tech base layer, fleece jacket, shell jacket and three layers of socks (two of which are heat-tech) and I was still cold.
  • Practice going up the stairs. Haha.


We had a side trip at the Banaue Rice Terraces and boy was it amazing.

That’s a precarious trail!
Best jump off point!
Clouds on the trail.
The trail at the ridge.
Flora at the summit


The much awaited sunrise.
Sea of clouds! I’ll never get tired of them.
Rainbow (?) at the summit!
Going down. Define lush vegetation.

That’s it for Mt. Amuyao – Barlig backtrail. Hopefully I’ll get to do the traverse in a few years! 🙂





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