A Mountain of Nine Peaks


One of the rather famous-for-beginners mountain, I remember Mt. Batulao as the hike along the ridge of its nine peaks with a consistent breathtaking view.

I’ve hiked here twice, the first with new trail – old trail (March 2015) and the second with old trail – new trail (November 2015). I would recommend the new trail – old trail considering the new trail is along the ridge and the old trail is within the forest.

How to get there

  1. Take the bus to KM18 (PHP150ish). Get off at Evercrest Golf Course.
  2. Take the tricycle to jump off. (PHP50ish???). Hold on for dear life.
  3. To go back, take the tricycle to go back. Rather than wait for the bus to pass, we usually take a jeepney either to a bus terminal or to a restaurant nearby (hello, bulalo).


Quick tips

  • I still recommend Mt. Pamitinan as a first mountain – but Mt. Batulao is a close second.
  • Prepare for the sun. I had a tan line on my neck my first hike here.
  • There’s a rope segment. If it’s new trail – old trail, you’ll be going down the rope, and vice versa. Choose wisely. 😉
  • For goodness sake, do not come when it’s raining. You’re on a ridge and an averagely narrow trail. Do not add slippery to the mix.


Rocks, rocks. rocks. Can you see the trail?
The view at the summit wasn’t too different from the view along the ridge.




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