The Baby of Rodriguez, Rizal


In the penta-logy of mountains in Barangay Wawa, the smallest with least technicality is Mt. Binacayan, so I dub it the Baby of Rodriguez, Rizal.

The technicalities for Mt. Binacayan is the same for the rest of the mountains in Rodriguez, Rizal.

 How to get there

  1. Go to Jollibee below MRT Cubao, Quezon City.
  2. Ride the FX going to Rodriguez Rizal. (PHP50 per head) This takes less than an hour.
  3. At the end of trip, take a tricycle going to Brgy Wawa (PHP60 per trip). That’s your jump off.

Guide fee – PHP500 per mountain

Quick tips

  • Bring gloves. Some rocks are sharp.
  • No need to bring lunch – the mountain takes only half a day and you can eat at jump off point. But bring trail food.
  • Do a twin hike from Mt. Pamitinan to Mt. Hapunang Banoi – they share 30-50% of the trail.
  • Be prepared for crowds.
  • The trail is fairly rocky, with few trees to protect you from the sun. Prepare accordingly.
  • The sharpest rocks are here! Wear study shoes. These rocks also turn into a slide when wet. Again, prepare accordingly.


The stick holding the summit up.


View from the summit.


Side trip – go to Wawa dam. This is the view of the river. See the small, small falls at the far right? No, you can’t go there.


The not-so-famous Wawa dam. This was taken November 2015. On January 2016, there already were cottages at the bottom. 😦










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