Japan YLP Requirements

For my MBA, I wanted to apply to the Japan Embassy’s YLP Scholarship. Basically the selection is threefold:

  1. Recommending authority
  2. Hitotsubashi University
  3. Embassy

The requirements, though, in the guideline is already consolidated. Five copies (one original and 4 photocopies) are required – which I think will be distributed with the recommending authority, university and the embassy.

Here’s what I did for the requirements:

Application Form

Fairly straightforward. Or not. There’s quite a lot of things to fill up – including the details of your elementary education. I don’t know about you, but for me, I don’t remember them already. Worse, I don’t have copies of my elementary/secondary school papers. Time to dig through the attic!


It is not our normal passport-sized photo. It’s 4x6cm, so I had it specially taken.

Transcript of Records

Got it from the University Registrar. Pretty straightforward.

Recommendation Authority’s Recommendation Letter

In the Philippines, from what I’ve heard, everyone generally gets recommended (there are few applicants I think). So I did nothing on this regard, just submitted all my papers to them.

Employers’ Recommendation Letter

Ugh. This was hard. I brought out the big guns for this. One who actually left me hanging a month before the deadline. But I digress.

Bring out the big guns for your recommendation letter. They’re the only external, deemed independent/objective opinion of you. So they should be people who actually interact with you often. From how I see it, one should be your current boss, the other may be a previous boss or a previous professor.

Certificate of Health

Just use the form and go to any clinic. I timed this with my annual check up, so the doctor simply used the results of my tests there.


Got it from the University Registrar too. Pretty straightforward.

Essay – life after YLP

Give this your best shot. This is your pitch to the embassy to pick YOU. I made mine highly personal, and presented a strategic mapping of my life for the first two years post graduation, then the next five, then the next decade. Yeah yeah, I’m a planner. And I know what I want to do in my career. So I made sure it’s there.

Passport copy

Pretty straightforward.


IELTS is also accepted. So are school certifications that the medium of instruction is English. I regret taking this big time. But I didn’t know the universities in the Philippines qualify. Hmpft.

Tips on TOEFL here.

Essay Questions

There’s the essay for the embassy, and another for the university. There are a couple of questions on getting to know you – ensure that the answers actually refer to your experiences and bring out the best side of you (wink wink)

Re-read your essay before the interview – as the interviewer will too.


GMAT is a global entrance exam – the minimum score is 600, I think. It’s ok not to take the GMAT. There’s an entrance exam you can take before the interview. The benefit of taking the GMAT is that you’ll know your score  – and if you are not happy with it, you can retake it. Unlike the entrance exam at the day of the interview.

Tips on GMAT here.


When I was done, my application was more than an inch thick! Whew! Good thing I met the end of September submission deadline. But apparently, this wasn’t the hardest part…


9 thoughts on “Japan YLP Requirements

  1. Hi. I’m a YLP grantee for this year. Was wondering if I can ask for tips re: daily living etc. It would be helpful if I can communicate with you through email or any messaging app. Thanks!


  2. UPDATE: just got called today. yeeyy!
    They only told me the date and time and that I’ll be taking an exam.
    Any ideas how the exam gonna be like? or is it just basic english, math and logic exams?


  3. Hello,

    I just found out about YLP yesterday and the deadline for 2017 program is on Sept 30!
    I am a CPA and a CFA candidate just like you but I haven’t taken GMAT or IELTS exams.
    Do you think I still have a chance on this?

    Please share some more tips! I’m panicking!


    1. Hi Didin!

      You most definitely can!

      GMAT – you can take the free entrance exam on the day of your interview this coming February
      TOEFL – you can get a certificate from your university saying that the medium of instruction was English.

      Don’t panic – just do what you can. Gambatte!


      1. I was able to complete the requirements. whew!
        Thanks for your advice!

        BTW, what was the hardest part? (“But apparently, this wasn’t the hardest part…”)
        I got curious. haha


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