AIM Application

Whenever I ask around for the best graduate school in the Philippines, they always say the Asian Institute of the Philippines. But most do not apply, intimidated with the expenses associated with it. Being a globally competitive grad school, the prices are also, er, globally competitive.

But I say the heck with it – might as well, try!

… right?

The Application

Application form

This was online. Just filled it up. Attachments were to be sent via email.


In the application, my recommend-er simply emailed AIM directly, filling up the required form.

Only one recommendation is needed – so make this one big.


The supporting documents were sent via email. I simply sent the .pdf copy of the following:

  • CV
  • GMAT Score copy
  • Transcript of records copy
  • Passport copy

That’s it!

The Interview

I think I was going to have an ulcer worrying about my interview. I’m not sure as to what I can disclose about the interview, but I think it was a pretty usual MBA interview (based on my research online). Much of our time was spent discussing AIM, the status of business schools as a whole, etc. Basically we just chatted outside of the interview proper.


  • November 5 – application sent.
  • January 20 – interview schedule sent
  • January 25 – Interview!
  • March 7 – RESULTS!!!


I wasn’t going to push through with my MBA with AIM without a scholarship simply because I didn’t have a couple of million on hand. So how do we apply for a scholarship?

Do nothing. All applicants, once accepted, are automatically considered for a scholarship.


This was it for my AIM Journey – though I hope we cross paths sometime in the future for other endeavors. šŸ™‚



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