Summit to Sea


On December 25, 2015, I had the opportunity to go back to Metro Manila and wanted to take a hike. So around 5pm that day, my friend and I decided to meet up the next day at 4am to hike Mt. Daguldul.

How to get there

  1. Take a bus from Cubao going to San Juan (Alps).
  2. Tricycle from San Juan to jump off. We rode with some people, I think we paid PHP100 per head, and there were five of us.
  3. To go back, we had to take a tricycle from jump off to Candelaria. We paid PHP500 for the ride, then took the bus to Cubao.

Quick Tips

  • We went to the station around 4am, and the bus left around 5:30am, I think. So ask if there’s an earlier trip. Apparently, this was also a looooong ride. We got to the jump off around 10am.
  • Bring a small bag. Half way through the hike you can leave your bags at the store. As far as I know nothing got stolen.
  • Do not pay your guide before the end of the hike. One group we met were left by their guide in the middle of the hike (after getting paid).
  • Bring swimwear or consider staying overnight – not at the mountain, at Laiya. At the jump off is the beach with numerous resorts available. I think it’s around PHP2,500 for 6pax per night.
Edge of the trail to summit (around a meter from the summit 😉
View at the Summit. We were expecting to see the peaks of other mountains. They are there… Somewhere…

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