UP SE Application

One of the lesser known options – the University of the Philippine’s School of Economics graduate school is a warm and “bigger picture alternative to an MBA. It is a totally different field, and yet not so different.

Selecting the Right Course

There are two options (to my understanding):

  1. MDE – Master in Development Economics. Designed for corporate, this is a part time option for those trying to up their corporate skills. Presentations, “real life application” and scheduled at weekends, this is the right path for those looking for MBA alternatives.
  2. MAE – Master of Arts in Economics. A more theoretical take, this is the track for those whose focus really is econ, with an eye towards a doctorate.


Application is fairly simple:

  1. Complete online application. This includes an essay and jotting in the email address of three recommend-ers. I don’t know the questions, but my recommend-ers say that it was a quick one.
  2. Pay PHP700. I paid mine at BPI and simply emailed them the validated deposit stub.
  3. Take the examination. Contrary to what is written in the site, GMAT/GRE is not accepted  (as of 2016 application). For example, they have an essay portion, which is not part of the GMAT.


The interview takes merely 15 minutes – MBA questions are fairly standard.Be prepared to ask questions!


  1. February. End of application. The recommendations though can be sent up ’til around March.
  2. April. Schedule of examination and interview.
  3. May. Examination, interview and results!

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