Chasing Mangoes


Mango pizza. Mango pasta. Mango on everything. I flew to go to this Land of Mangoes last January 2016. I was too early.

Guimaras is famous for mangoes – they even have a festival for it. On May I think. During our entire trip, there was mango trees everywhere. But no mangoes. I was told to go back in three to four months to see the island teeming with mangoes.

Lots of mango trees. No mangoes.

How to get there

  1. From Manila, take a flight to Iloilo (around PHP1,000 roundtrip)
  2. From Ilo ilo airport, take a van to the city (~PHP50?)
  3. Take a jeepney to the port (I forgot which port)
  4. Take a boat to Guimaras (~PHP20?). It takes around 14 minutes.
  5. In Guimaras, take a jeep to the city proper (PHP20?)

A tricycle is the way to commute all over town. To reach the beach area, ride a jeepney for around PHP40, the a tricycle of PHP100 per trip.

Boats are rented at PHP500 for the first two hours with additional fee of PHP100 per hour. Be sure that you have made plans on how to get back – trips are scarce after 5pm.

Quick tips

  • Go there around April~May.
  • A day is more than enough to tour Guimaras. It is a small island. 🙂


SEAF (?) deck was a highly educational experience. Those are the scientists’ houses. In the middle of the ocean, no less.
Off to the sunset!

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