Figuring out HP12C

August 27, 2016

A calculator’s pretty simple right? So I decided to use my new-so-amazing calculator for some simple functions.

I was adding some figures – let’ say 1+1. So I hit 1 + 1, then pressed “Enter”. It showed 1. Huh. There’s something wrong. So I hit 1 + then it suddenly showed 2. Something’s really wrong.


I guess it it’s time to take out the guide…

Japan Student Visa!!!

August 23, 2016

Finally have my Japan student visa! Valid from day of application for a year and three months.

Apparently not all applications are gratis. So when you submit your application, ensure that you have the exact amount (written on your stub) due prepared.

Simply went in, surrendered my phone and laptop, got my ID, took my claim number (starts with 6), got inside the consular room (?), had my claim number called in less than five minutes, presented my claim stub and got my passport.

I then went out to change IDs, proceeded to the JICC library and picked up my letter for travel tax exemption.

Voila! Sent out the certificate via LBC and I’m almost all set. Almost!