Rockies of the Plains


Reminiscent of the rivers in Rizal, Nueva Ecija is now developing the Minalungao Park complete with a zip line, a hanging bridge, floating cottages and a 1,500 step hike to a cross.

For a PHP50 entrance fee (driver need not pay), this is a relatively cheap option.

How to get there

As far as I know, there’s no public transport to go to the park.

Using a private car, en route to Cabanatuan City from Cubao, take a turn to General Tinio. It is about 3 hours from Cubao to Nueva Ecija, and another hour going to the park. They are working on the road now so there’s only about a hundred meters (in total) of rough road.

Quick Tips

  • If going up the grotto, bring some water. There are stores near the river and at the top, none in between. There’s plenty of shade though so it is not hot.
  • There’s no need to take a guide. There’s only one path, it’ll take real talent to get lost. The kids will semi-beg, asking to guide you for money for their school allowance. Your call.
  • Get there early, leave early. This is an isolated location.
  • Avoid the rainy season. If it rained the day before, the water will be muddy. When we first went a couple of years ago, it was crystal clear, now it’s all muddy as it rains every afternoon. 😦
The hanging bridge. It’s actually a bit scary if you ask me.
Looks really similar to the rocks of Tinapak River (Mt. Daraitan) and near Wawa Dam (Mt. Binacayan)
Can you see the strings at the upper right? That’s the zip line.
That’s a lot of steps.
There’s a mirror-cross at the top. First time seeing one. I wonder how long this one will last.
View at the top (behind the mirror-cross)



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