Java Ric- er, Land.


With merely a couple of days left to go to Indonesia with a million things to do, I had no time to take care of itinerary, budget, etc. I simply packed and flew a few thousand miles and crossed the equator to the apparently scary world of Jakarta.

August 1, 2016

Planning wise, here’s what I’ve got through the Internet in my last two days of surfing:

  • Do not drink their water.
  • Do not eat street food.
  • Do not bring drugs (duh).
  • Do not take out valuables.
  • Do not use your left hand for anything (eating, giving of business cards)
  • Do not ride any taxi but Blue Bird.

This is also called Java but I still don’t get which is which. Ugh, the beauty of cramming one’s research.

I’ve only been here for two days so let me see how it goes. πŸ˜‰

Arrival. We were surprised by the number of people waiting right outside!
It gets worse! People sitting AND lying down IN THE AIRPORT! With kids in underpants running all over. Oh, this does not bode well for me.
Things looked up when we went to the hotel. I don’t get the theme, but I find it adorable overall.
Rooms look exactly like the pictures in Agoda and their sites. But they are waaaay smaller. No cabinets either – just a small shelf pretending to be a cabinet. :p
We went down the hotel and saw this. It’s the painting on the ceiling. Things are starting to look better. πŸ™‚


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