MBA Applications

Equipped with a GMAT score, I’ve decided to apply to various schools (as if my score was something to be proud of. haha)

  1. Hitotsubashi University
  2. Asian Institute of Management
  3. University of the Philippines – School of Economics

Hitotsubashi University


See Japan YLP Requirements

Why Hitotsubashi?

In one of the most fast paced countries in the world, Hitotsubashi ICS tries to merge the East and the West and provide the best of two worlds. Add the fact that there’s only 10-20% locals in a small class of 60, and you get a highly concentrated, international education.

Asian Institute of Management (AIM)


See AIM Application

Why AIM?

AIM is one of the most competitive graduate schools and one of the few accredited business schools in Asia. It is also supported by the ADB-Japan scholarship, so for a penniless MBA-aspirant for me, it’s a  good choice.

The entire class is conducted in a case-method simulating a corporate environment during your entire stay.

UP School of Economics (UP SE)


See UP SE Application

Why UP SE?

Economics has always fascinated me. I think it’s the better half of accounting – it’s the story of the numbers. UP SE is the Center of Excellence for Economics in the Philippines – and has consistently equipped world leaders. You won’t see much advert for them. I’ve asked and searched. They don’t need it. Being a state university, they don’t need students. Students come to them to learn.





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