6 Tips on Packing Light

Why pack light?

  1. The difficulties of carrying an entire luggage or numerous bags put a damper on any trip.
  2. Paying for baggage that we can carry is not really worth it as far as I’m concerned.
  3. I do try to be organized. And being organized usually translates to lighter packs.

So after all my research and travel, here’s a recap on the tips and “life hacks”.

If traveling for less than a week, pack by clothing sets.

When I set clothing set, I mean everything you’ll wear in one go – undies, pants, top and whatever accessory you plan. So if you will be going to the bathroom, you just have to grab one set and your toiletries. 🙂

If traveling for more than a week, roll.

Rather than fold clothes, roll.

To save space and minimize spaces by rolling, rolling and rolling. If you see more spaces (like spaces in shoes), roll small items (like socks) and squeeze.

Wear your bulkiest clothes.

You will not travel naked – so rather than pack those pants while wearing the cutest shorts on the plane, do it the other way around – pack the shorts and wear the pants.

Repeat clothes.

Wear night clothes at least twice. Wear pants at least thrice. Come on. You do it at home, why change? :p

Maximize hand carry allowances.

You can take two bags on your person going up a plane:

  1. Your handbag. There’s no limit to carry ons. I don’t have a shoulder bag – I have a backpack and this is not considered as a carry on.
  2. Your carry-on bag. There’s a 7kg limit to carry ons.

Only take one extra.

No need to take an extra for your extra. Unless you are planning to go to the remotest areas with no access to a single convenience store, one extra shirt, extra pants, extra shorts and extra undies are  more than enough.




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