Island Within a Lake Within an Island Within a Lake


A too-popular destination for tourists, this is a mountain where I thought they’ll ask me to pay for breathing.

Breakdown of expenses

  • PHP1,500 – boat (good for 6pax)
  • PHP500 – guide
  • PHP300-500 – if you wanna ride a horse
  • PHP15 – a “bridge”. This is a plank that you’ll step on when you hop on the boat to go back. This is what annoyed me the most. You pay for PHP1,500 for a short boat ride and there’s a different fee for a freaking plank????!!!!
  • PHP50-300 – a picture. Yes, your picture. In a frame. In a clock. The price depends on how good you haggle.

Other that these, I don’t remember how we go there. It was a two to three hour hike, with lots of foreigners.

Apparently that’s not Mt. Taal.


The trail already hollowed out from the horses’ tracks (I think).
You see that small piece of land in the middle? That’s an island. Within the crater’s lake. Within the mountain’s island. Within Taal lake. Within the island of Luzon.  That’s an island, within a lake, within an island, within a lake, within an island.

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