Tidak Pedas!



I don’t eat spicy food. At all. What I realized within a day in Jakarta is that whenever you order, the default is spicy.

Hence, the first Bahasa Indonesia word I’ve managed to memorize is PEDAS*. This means spicy. To add a negative, we simply have to add TIDAK (pronounced as Tidah). So just point and say Tidak Pedas*?

They will nod if not spicy, say pedas* if spicy. 😉

Japanese food in Jakarta! Apparently there are many Japanese here. The udon cost around IDR50,000, which is waaaay cheaper than the other meals I’ve tried.
 *Thank you Dina Maria for correcting! Apparently, it’s pEdas, not pAdas. Update: August 7, 2017



2 thoughts on “Tidak Pedas!

  1. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog. I’m Indonesian and the correct word is “PEDAS” for spicy. Food cost is indeed cheaper than many countries, but hopefully the taste meets your tastebud. Wish you’ll travelling more to Indonesia. Thank you 🙂

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