3 Things to Remember for Bus Emergencies

Early this morning, there was a sharp, loud “pop” then the bus wobbled. While I was sitting at the aisle, the woman beside me grabbed her bag and started to leave – even though the bus was full and she’ll have to trample through everyone on the aisle to leave.

I realize that this is what happens when there’s an emergency. So after I’ve transferred to another bus, I’ve wondered what we should have done – this is what my common sense tells me. I’d appreciate suggestions.

1. Do not panic.

Take five seconds, seconds not minutes nor milliseconds, to assess the situation.

2. If stuck in the middle, use the emergency hammer.

On the. Upper corners of the window panes, there usually is an emergency hammer. Use it to leave the bus.

3. As a preventive measure, sit at the driver’s side. 

The instinctivr action is to save one’s self. Hence, we expect the driver to choose himself. Make him choose you too by sitting on the driver’s side.


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