Direct Japan Visa Application

This is not for tourists – tourist visas are processed through agencies.

As an embassy scholar, I was informed to process my visa directly with the embassy.

This is for Japan Embassy in the Philippines

How to Get There

  1. Ride the MRT and get off at Taft Station.
  2. Walk towards the Mall of Asia’s globe. When you see fly-over, turn right.
  3. After around 5 minutes of walking (~ less than 500 meters), you’ll reach the entrance.

What to do

  1. Fill up the guest details and submit to the guard with your ID and cellphone. Yup, no phones allowed.
  2. Inform the nearby guard of your visit purpose (e.g. application, claiming of passport). He should give you a number. Do not go inside without a number.
  3. Go inside, just straight from the entrance. Take a seat and wait for your number to be called. They will.
  4. There will be a quick, informal interview. Kind of like talking to immigration when leaving the country. As long as you’re not lying, no worries I guess.
  5. For visa applications, this is only open around 8:40am ’til 11am. Once you’ve submitted your requirements, they will give you a claim stub.
  6. For claiming of passport, this is only open from 10am to 11am (at least that’s what my claim stub says).

The line was fairly quick – I was done after around an hour.

What I Needed

  1. Visa application form (one copy)
  2. My passport
  3. Support. They were asking for one so I simply showed a copy of the embassy’s acceptance letter with instructions to just go at the consular for my visa.

Do not staple anything. Just present them in the right sequence.

There are fixers right outside – be very careful. As far as I’m concerned they are flat NOs.


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