Zoo Adventure: Taman Safari

We only had one open day to explore, and we chose to go to Taman Safari Indonesia. It took us around two hours to get there (40 minutes of which was us stuck, nonmoving (yes, I timed it), then six hours to get back. Oh, the beauty of Jakarta and nearby areas traffic.


Upon entry, they will put a sticker at the back of your car. So expect a lot of cars in Jakarta with this sticker, though of different animals.
The rate’s different for locals and foreigners. When we came it was IDR150,000 for locals, double for foreigners. They say it increases every year



“Are they looking at me? Yep. Play it cool. Play it cool”.



Who has the cutest horns ever? Who’s the cutest? Who’s the cutest?


Hey Mr. Cow! Hey Mr. Cow!





You came to the wrong neigborhood, m*
For whatever reason I’m imagining this is Katy Perry’s spirit animal
Where’s the snow? The hot spring?
“Who dared bother my slumber?!”
There were three times we have to pass through water – the roads are sometimes integrated to streams. See that small splash near the traffic build up? That’s a Hippo.
Lazy King of the Jungle.
Oooh. I wish I can sit near him.
One of my favorites. They had various animal shows – we watched Wild Wild West. It was awesome in that they had various animals integrated to the act like mice, goats, cats, vultures…

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