Kopi Suso Panas!

Coffee Milk Hot!

It seems I’m pretty much addicted to coffee. So here’s some pics of the cups and cups of coffee I drank at least twice a day during my stay in Jakarta.


Yeah this is not coffee. But isn’t the saucer cute???
Bleh. A bland hazelnut coffee.


Foaaaam! I loved this one. Yeah I know this blog is pretty useless in that I don’t put the location. Haha. Hmm, this one was in Darmawangsa Square, ground floor, near the gelato store.
Now we’re talking. This is the local coffee. One on the left is black coffee, the one on the right has cream. Can you see the sediments? Makes me cough everytime I drink.


Here’s another local one



Look look! Small particles everywhere. Everywhere!
A local finally taught me how to drink their coffee. Apparently you have to wait for the sediments to settle at the bottom before you drink. And there I was, mixing everything every couple of minutes.
Now this is not coffee. Nor juice. It’s a bath soap. But doesn’t it look like a drink???




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