Temple Hopping – Bali Edition: Tanah Lot


If you ask someone where to go to in Bali, their first answer is usually Uluwatu, immediately followed by Tanah Lot. So, with limited time, we decided to go to both of them.

Tanah Lot is located north of Denpasar, while Uluwatu is south. Hence, they usually recommend going to each temple on separate days. Me and my friend decided to go through both of them in one day, and even added Ubud to the list.

So. First stop in Bali: Tanah Lot.

Wow there’s a lot of people in Tanah Lot. Go there early!

Upon entry, you can already see the railings and the ocean.


We immediately turned right – away from people, and saw this temple. This is the temple on the first picture above.

P_20160813_100015And we kept walking straight ahead

No tourists???!!! On the far far far right, about half a kilometer, is another mini temple that nobody visits. We weren’t able to visit the temple either because we did not want to risk jumping over the water.
But alas! We need to see what all the tourists are clamoring for. And here it was. Wow that’s a lot of tourists.
Despite all the tourists, it’s business as usual for the believers. So they continuously put their offerings for their daily worship.





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