Pretension 101: Ubud, Bali

They said if you want to immerse yourself with the Balinese culture, leave the beach and stay at Ubud. They were right. I also realize that I have no “cultured” or artistic bone in my body.

What to See in Ubud

  1. Streets of galleries – glass galleries, painting galleries, wood carving galleries…
  2. “Authentic” Batik (Local, woven costume)
  3. Civet farm

Streets of Galleries

My pretension stopped with one wood carving gallery. We just passed through one then left.

These are expensive – I suggest you simply go to the souvenir shops (like Krishna) if you wanna buy. To put things in perspective, a ref magnet in the shops in Ubud is around IDR30,000 each. You can buy packs of 5 magnets for IDR9,500 in Krishna – though of lesser quality of course.

Authentic Batik Gallery

You can see them weaving outside, and there are instructions for those who are fascinated with the process.

Inside, you can buy “authentic” batik. Honestly the feel of the cloth doesn’t really feel different from the ones I saw in Jakarta – though the prices are around 50% to 100% higher.

Upstairs the batik paintings are available for sale.

Pictures are not allowed in these places.

Civet Farm

In hindsight, the Civet Farms in Ubud are small. If you are going to the temples up the lakes, go there rather than the one in Ubud.

I’ll be writing about this in another article – please check “Bali’s Botany Lesson”.



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