Bali’s Botany Lesson


We went expecting a Civet Farm and ended up with a plantation – with a free botany lesson and a dozen tea flavors. Who’d have thought I’ll have a botany lesson in Bali???


They have 11 civet (“luwak”) in the farm for tourists. Apparently, in the real farm (a mountain), the civets roam free, with the farmers going up the mountain daily to pick up their droppings. Talk about job description.
Here are the samples. Clove is used for spa oil and cigarettes. There’s a lot of clove trees in Bali. 
A lady roasting coffee beans. Left are the roasted ones, middle ongoing, and on the right is the traditional way to cook steamed rice.


Pre-rice cooker way to cook rice


They chop off the Cinnamon Tree, then use a machine to cut what’s inside the bark into thiiin pieces, roll these pieces, then dry.
Passion fruit? That’s a cactus! No? Passion fruit it is.


At the end of the tour, they provide a free taste of tea. Well, a dozen of them. Starting from the upper right down, is 1-6 in the menu. Starting from the upper left down is 7-12 in the menu. Civet coffee is not free.

On your way out is the shop. It’s an expensive one. A small packet (250g?)  costs IDR108,000. Yikes. I’m happy with my free taste. Haha




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