Talent: Kechak-ing for an Hour




Heck, I can’t even type it in (Thank you, copy paste!) That’s the highlight of the performance in Uluwati.

With an entrance of IDR30,000 and a fee of IDR100,000 for the Kechak performance, this is the usual tourist rate in Bali.

Quick tips

  • Go at around 4pm. Then at 5:30pm at the latest (not 5:32pm!), go to the Kechak amphitheater-ish.
  • If watching Kechak, read the pamphlet before the show.
  • Pack light. There’s a lot of stairs.
  • Prepare for sudden rains. There’s nowhere for you to take shelter in.
  • There are two entrances – be sure you’ve taken note of your parking.
  • Put all food and water in your bags. Monkeys are known to be aggressive. Yep, there are monkeys all over. All over.


Wow. See those small, ant-ish people?
At entry you can already see the cliff. That on my left is the way to Kechak.
The dance starts at dusk (dusk?) and lasts and hour. Ok it’s 6pm to 7pm. The seats were not enough so there were three rows of people sitting on the ground.
Chak chak ch-. Ugh. The first part was surprising, the boring. Then the main characters come in, and it kind of explained a lot about the Balinese culture, costumes, paintings…



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