Bali’s Botanical Garden


I’ve always loved Botanical Gardens. So when our driver asked us if we want to drop by Bali’s Botanical, I’m all for it.

The entrance is around IDR30,000 I think, but our guide knew the person in charge of the entrance so they allowed us to pass through for free (it was about 30 minutes before closing time ~6pm I think). Score! 😀

We kind of regretted not coming earlier (as if we had a choice in our itinerary). This is an adventure park where you get to swing on ropes, climb trees…
That’s a taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall tree.
“Wow!”, I told my friend, “It feels like we’re in another country!”. She agreed. -__-
An orchid trying to escape bars.
On the left is the cactus greenhouse, on the right (not in picture) is the orchids’. Both were closed when we came in.

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