HP12c Platinum

August 19, 2016

Finally got my HP12c calculator!

As with any other kid, I am so excited to get my new calculator! It’s a requirement for grad school, and it was a difficult decision for me (as if).


  1. Buy the new one in the Philippines (PHP5,000)
  2. Buy discounted one in Japan (pass me down of the older batch) (less than half the price)

Upon careful consideration, and feedback from my spoiled-but-on-her-way-to-CFA-level-3 friend, I’ve pushed through with the new one. Why?

  • The one I’m buying is the platinum version. The newest, almost-a-decade-old version vs the older almost-half-a century-old version (I think)
  • HP12c platinum has an undo button. That by itself is a big chunk
  • I’m not sure if the one being sold in Japan is 12c platinum or not
  • As this is a calculator that I’ll probably use until they release a new version (in, say, a couple of decades?), it is better to invest in one item with a more-or-less sure quality (i.e. have not been used for years)
  • It’s brand new. :p

So. I need to buy a new one. The question is where?

If I buy in Japan, there’s no certainty I can buy one immediately for my term. I need yen, I need to find the store, I need to speak Japanese, bleh. Too many uncertainties.

It’s better if I buy in Amazon. But the shipping’s a b-, er, pain in the behind, I might not be able to save. I have a future classmate based in the US, but I’d rather not ask a favor.

So the Philippines it is.

There are three official sellers of HP12c in the Philippines. I contacted two:

  1. National bookstore – no stock. SRP is PHP4,796
  2. Yutivo – with stock. SRP is PHP4,700.

Yutivo it is.

I emailed Yutivo at info@yutivo.com and got a reply immediately – honestly I don’t think you can go better in terms of customer service. They went to my office, I paid in cash, and voila! I’ve got my new calculator!!!

A lively design to make you think accounting is fun (which it is. honestly.)



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