Flight to Haneda

Philippine Airlines flies directly to Haneda Airport, which is better than Narita as the former is a lot closer to Central Tokyo (30mins ish as opposed to at least an hour of Narita).


There’s a limit of two baggages, 23 kgs max each. Can you split this to multiple baggages within the same limit? Nope. I had to buy a new one to maximize the 23 kgs limit.

You also have a hand carry limit of two pcs. Prepare wisely.


When you check in online, selecting seats costs at least PHP150. So don’t.

Once you get there, you can request at check in to transfer you to your preferred seat – but be there early or your choices will diminish!

Look at the beautiful view from the window seat I requested. I seem to always end up with the wing for a view. 

It’s too bright.

Free Internet

15mb free up in the air! Thanks PAL. This post was uploaded using the free internet. 😀

Free movies

Watched Me Before You and Deadpool for free. Cried too. Tsk tsk.

Complimentary food

As opposed to other airlines, food at PAL doesn’t seem to be optional. 

If you want to drink more, don’t be shy. Request for another cup of water or juice. It’s free. 


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