Haneda to TIEC

Upon arrival, it’s same old same old.

  1. Go to immigration (received my resident’s ID! They used my info from my visa application. Thanks digital world)
  2. Pick up your luggage 
  3. Go to customs declaration.
  4. Exit.

Going from the airport to Tokyo International Exchange Center (TIEC) is as follows:

  1. Buy limousine bus ticket to Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba Hotel at the booths, left side upon exit.(JPY520 as of Sept 7, 2016)

2. Go straight out to the elevators (behind the escalators). You’ll see a “bus” direction. Follow the arrow.

3. Take the elevator down

4. Go to the assigned bus lane (lane 2)

5. Board the bus (it’s a normal bus, I’ve no idea why they call it the limousine bus)

6. Get off at Grand Nikko Tokyo Hotel. There’s an English notice at the bus for the hotel drop offs. Or you can juat use the arrival time. Japanese transport is freakishly accurate.

7. Wait at the drop off point for the Tokyo Bay Shuttle.

8. Board the bus and wait for stop 1 – Miraikan.

9. Alight at Miraikan, a geeky museum looking place. 

10. TIEC is right in front of Miraikan, where you got off. 


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