OTW to the Munduk Base


August 14, 2016

Sometimes the journey’s better than the destination. In this case, there are two journeys – both better than the destination.

One is the journey from our hotel to the jump off, then the ride from the jump off to the Haunted Falls.

I’ve talked about the other stops in different blogs

However, the entire journey was so amazing with “mini” stops. ❤


On our way, we saw someone selling strawberries, and our guide was nice enough to buy it on our behalf.


Fast forward to Munduk Base after the tour, we put some salt in the berries and voila! A sumptuous dessert.

As Bali is somewhat famous for its rice terraces, we asked to drop by to one of the good views on the way.
For our last stop, we went to the lakes (there were two!) at the top of the mountain. Boy, was it amazing.









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