OTW to Haunted Falls


August 14, 2016

Spoiler alert – the journey was a lot better than the destination.

This is the view at the base on a clear day. The weather’s a bit temperamental, so expect sudden changes. Don’t worry, your guide’s prepared.
BIG CHAIR and BIG TABLE. Just a sample of the Bali wood sculptures (?)
This is a good place for a group activity – you can even stay overnight for  a minimal fee. AND they have a fireplace!
Walkway to… I don’t know.  I stopped and went back at this point.
The drive begins!


Going counterclockwise, starting from the bottom:

  1. Fresh coffee beans
  2. Almost dry coffee beans
  3. Dark, dry beans
  4. The dad working
  5. The kid with a – hey, is that a – oh, it really is a GUN.


The Haunted Falls. Apparently it used to be a beautiful resort, then the owner died and nobody took care of it anymore, hence the place being called the “Haunted Falls”



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