Hitachi Seaside Park


This is Hitachi Seaside Park, about two hours north of Tokyo. You’d better check your calendar – the view changes per month. Yep, per month.

How to get there

You have two options. Take the train, or the bus. I strongly recommend the bus as it is around half the price of the train, and it stops right outside the park.

1. Go to Tokyo Station.

2. Exit at Yaesu South entrance. Outside are bus lanes, the ticket office is on your right.


3. Buy round trip tickets at the ticket office. It’s JPY3,800 yen round trip. When riding the bus, you’ll have to pay around JPY200 per trip.wp-image-22497219jpg.jpg

4. The bus will stop right outside:

The bus leaves at 10:30am, Lane 8, to go to Ibaraki. You’ll be there around 12 noon.

The bus is right outside, and you can see that it’s an Ibaraki bus.

The bus to go back at the same place at 4:41pm. If you miss it, good luck.


What to do

Rent a bike. It’s at JPY300 per 3 hours, with a JPY50 yen charged at every half hour excess. Just go visit every biking stop. ­čÖé


Quick tips

  • I don’t think it can be done in one day. Assess if you can do an overnight trip.
  • Prepare your legs. you’re biking, yes, but there’s a lot of walking and climbing.
  • Time your trip right. We went a bit too early so the flowers are still transitioning to red.




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