Getting to Know Mitake-san and Otake-san


I wanted to try hiking in Japan, but I wasn’t able to drag people with me. What’s a girl to do?

Solo hike! I’ve decided to go up Mitake-san, then just assess from there. First things first –

How to get there

(From Shimbashi Station)

1. Go to the JR Keihin-Tohoku line, pass through the gates using your PASMO card, go to platform 6 and board the train going to Omiya.

2. Transfer at Kanda Station to platform 6 (go down the stairs, then go to the other side)

3. Board the train going to Ome. If you can get the rapid line, better.

4. At Ome (last stop), just cross the platform to the other side. Board the train going to Oku-tama.

5. At Mitake Station, use your PASMO card and exit. (JPY1,080)

6. Upon exit, at the left side is a bus waiting to go to Mt. Mitake (JPY280, you can use PASMO)

7. Walk up the road for about 5 minutes, the cable car is there. Pay around JPY590 per ride (x2 if you wanna ride up and down)

8. Start walking!

What to do (at least what I did)

I got off the cable car around 10:45am, then boarded it again to go home at 3:45pm exactly.

10.50am Rotating seats (JPY190, rt)

11.00am Skyline lunch (JPY680 ramen)

11.45am Mitake Shrine

12.45pm Rock garden

02.00pm Mt. Otake

03.30pm Shopping district

03.45pm Back at Cable Car

Quick tips

  • Good place for trail running – generally gently sloping. Might go up to the next level of difficulty if it rains
  • There are a couple of sections that are a bit (eensy weensy bit) technical near Mt. Otake’s summit. Bring gloves to be safe.
  • No shops in Mt. Otake. Bring enough water. I had about 750ml, but it was cold so that was enough.
  • Mt. Mitake is all about the tourists, so no worries here.
I find it amazing that Deuter has a day / baby carrier pack!
Lift to the skydeck – it was a pretty cool lift, and there’s decent ramen at the top if you’re hungry. If you’ve had your share of lifts, suggest you skip this.
On the way to Mitake-san! Yeah, this is the trail…
This might be the equivalent of the summit for Mitake-san.  A lot of temples in Japan are used as Shrine locations, due to their faith that the Gods are in nature or something of the like
The “technical” part of the hike to Otake-san. I think this is my favorite part…


Summit of Mt. Otake!!! Can you see Mt. Fuji at the background???
He’s right at the center! Look, look!!!




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