Hibiya Park


November 2016

In Japan, chrysanthemum’s a big deal. They have exhibits of it annually all over. One of the oldest was in Hibiya Park, and that is where I went.

Look at one of the flowers, it’s at least five times bigger than my fist!


I went after class as they say they close at 4pm, but by 3:30pm, almost everything is close. So I strongly suggest you come earlier!

Huhu all stalls are closed!
As it’s me, there HAS to be some close ups with the flowers (that are not behind nets!)
More flowers!
It’s a flower exhibition. Of COURSE there’ll be more flowers.
Leaving the comforts of the flower park, I see this beacon of trees!
Behind it is the iconic picture of Hibiya Park! The trees over the small lake.
In one section,t hey were placing these. I talked to one of the people (tried!), and it seems these are tulips being planted!!!
The perfect closure of the night. One of the best flowers ever.

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