December 30, 2016

There’s a lore in Nikko that when you count the number of these, er, Buddha (?), a new one is added. I didn’t even dare to count. Not because I was scared. I just don’t like counting.

Stop at Bus Stop 9. Not at 10. NINE. Then start walking in the same way the bus went. When you see a convenience store, turn left.

Streets look like this mainly. Just keep on walking straight.

This is the fork of the road.Turn right. Then keep on walking.


You’ll cross a river (there’s a bridge!).

See these trees? there’s plenty of dead trees. Oops, I was told they are not dead trees. Hibernating trees.

And there’s ICE all over. Those white things are ICE. That’s how cold it is on the last days of the year in Nikko. And it’s not even full blown winter! Ugh.

Finally I found it! As with most trips, the journey was way better than the destination. I loved the dea- er, hibernating trees and the river! Nikko rivers are magical!


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