Ice Ice Baby

December 30, 2016

What do you do when your innkeeper tells you there’s a mountain nearby? Hike!

I don’t know where to start. I had no plans of hiking. NONE at all. It was cold, and I was alone. But the innkeeper says there’s a hill perfect for the sunrise. I simply thought – might as well go. I went with a guy I met on the lodge (which was not a smart idea for a girl – the aforementioned guy tells me right before going into a forest), and we missed the sunrise by ~15 minutes coz we got lost. That’s what you get when you have me as your navigator.

Either way, it was a little hill, and you reach the summit after about an hour from the Nikko Park Lodge (only 15-25 minutes of actual hiking).

The trail was particularly amazing because of the ice (my first time stepping on ice while hiking), though technically, it’s just soil with the water underneath frozen.


See the white ones? Those are ice.



We were halfway up the mountain when we saw the Rising Sun (Land of the Rising Sun – get it??? :p)

The trail with the not-dead-just-hibernating trees!

Near the summit… Is that… a toilet????

Yep it is. With Tissue no less! Wow Japan.

Here’s the marker of the summit of Toyama-san

A mini shrine at the summit! I’ve come to expect this of Japanese mountains.

The view was breathtaking, as with the rest of Nikko. That shadow that you see is the mountain I’m on.

Whew! Made it out of the mountain alive!!!


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