Abandoned Wild Wild West

While on the train, my friend and I saw a nonmoving ferris wheel. I remarked that it seems that there’s a lot of ferris wheels in Japan. He said there’s plenty of abandoned ones, and that we should go visit some in the future. Might as well, right?

These are one of the conversations we don’t really expect to happen. Right? Right.

The next day, I went to a solo trip. There I met a couple of travelers. One just came from an abandoned themepark. Imagine my surprise. So I asked him where it is – since my friend and I were talking about it, this is too good a coincidence. He offered to go with me, so we decided to go to the themepark the next day. The abandoned themepark.

So off we went.

The entrance looks pretty good, doesn’t it?
The 20+ million dollar investment. All down the drain. Tsk Tsk.


Here comes nature -reclaiming the land. Those trees weren’t there before (I saw the other pictures)
Nature vs themepark? Nature wins.
Now this is a USD25 million investment in 1995, used for around a decade. The accountant in me sighs.
Inside is a suicidal bear. Well, we know that other people played with everything in the park.
Ugh. Terminator lincoln.


It looks pretty now, but this is SO spooky in person.
Told you – in nature vs themepark, nature wins.
There’s plenty of broken glass all over the place.
Kids always make things a lot scarier.
Apparently I love bridges – even abandoned ones.

Overall, I have to say this day will probably be a major highlight of my stay in Japan. Thank you so much, stranger!


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