MBA Lessons: Roots of Kawaii

January 27, 2017

I’m learning quite a lot in this MBA. For example, did you know that the concept of Kawaii can actually be traced back to hundred of years ago? This was unfortunately paused during the World War when the focus was more on the serious side of things. Then after the war, they went back with a vengeance.

They also did a contrast of Kawaii and Moe. My understanding is that Moe is the sexy Kawaii. Yes, this is really serious stuff. Honestly. We even peeked at the… financials (gasp!) of Hello Kitty. Did you know that bulk of the income is from outside Japan and mainly through licensing?

P.S. This is an elective course on Japanese Culture. Because grad school is not all about cases and papers and deadlines! (Only about 98%)


5 thoughts on “MBA Lessons: Roots of Kawaii

      1. It was OK I guess? Shingo was fun to talk to and he’s adorable (like a cartoon character – hahaha). It lasted for around 30 minutes.
        I am more concerned with the other interviewees. We were 8 and they looked like they know what they’re doing. I heard there are around 40 applicants in total and only 15 will pass so the results does not only depend on me but on others’ performance as well.

        All I can do now is wait for 3 more months, but it’s killing me! Arggghhh~


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