February 1, 2017

After a couple of busy busy weeks, I’ve realized how I’m missing all the illuminations! The Marunouchi Lights reminded me, and so here’s my next stop – Yomiuru Land’s Jewellumination! (Yes, that’s the official name)

How to Get there:

  1. I started from Ginza, so I took the Ginza line to Shibuya.
  2. Transferred to Keio line where I had to transfer three times to get to KEIO YOMIURU LAND station.
  3. Take the Gondola. Drop off point is the entrance.

Let’s Talk Money:

  1. From Ginza Station (off at Shibuya, walk to Keio) to Keio Yomiuru Land Station – JPY700, JPY500 to go back to Shimbashi
  2. Gondola – 500 roundtrip
  3. Entrance – 1,200 for night entrance
  4. Ferries wheel – 600 because why not
  5. Food – 1,200 rice meal (beef something), 700 snack (smoked turkey leg that apparently wasn’t for me)
Since it’s winter, expect the dead – er, hibernating trees.
Well, this is disturbing for me for some reasons…
Cabbage! Cabbage everywhere!
So so so pretty.



So which is prettier? Day or night?
They turn on the lights around 4pm. So you can already see the “illumination”. Looks pretty enough. Nothing exceptional. Yet.
Up the ferris wheel! This is a big themepark. Well, ok, not so big. Probably around small/medium relatively.
My first (and probably only) ferris wheel ride in Japan!
Not everything is turned on at the same time. They do it by segment, with each segment having its own theme. This one is the normal pathway.
The fairy tail theme. One of the best ever.
Dadan!!! Wish I could upload the video here.
They have water sports which I think are closed off for Winter.
Lights + rides? Magical.
So pretty, ain’t it? Let me remind you of the “before picture”:
See. Darkness does make things look better. And that’s not exclusive to LED lights…


The Japanese have this concept of mascots. So this dog/cat is the mascot of the park.
… well, it’s Japan. Let’s just say they find this cute.
whoosh! In hindsight I should have taken some rides.
View from the Gondola on my way back. Bye bye Yomiuri Land!

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