Ashikaga Flower Park

February 4, 2017

Winter is the time for hibernating trees (I used to call them dead trees). So I didn’t expect there would be seasonal flowers blooming during winter! Ashikaga houses a couple, and these are actually winter plants as they are not in a greenhouse or conservatory, and I can imagine how crowded the place can be during spring.

How to get there

  1. Rates vary, and the cheapest one I found starts from Tobu Skytree. From there, the fare is around JPY1,380 to Tomita Station. Take note that there are various routes, most of which are JPY500-JPY3,000 more expensive. Be careful!
  2. At Tomita Station, take a ten minute walk to the park. There are signs pointing to the right direction in strategic places, like this:

Money Matters

  1. Train from Shimbashi (take Ginza line to Mitsukoshimae Station, then take Hanzomon line to Tobu Skytree), around JPY1,600 one way.
  2. Entrance: 800 yen
  3. Food trip in the park: Rice wrapped in meat, 280 yen, beef kebab 500 yen.

When to go:

There are various “highlights” per season, though based on the fact that the entrance fee doubles during spring, April/May is the best time to go.

Since I’m going through Winter Illuminations, I went on February. I was thinking of waiting til spring, but the illuminations end at February 4. So off I go.

I’m splitting this post into two – one is the park itself, and the winter illumination (next post).

At the entrance. This place is really crowded.
That’s a lot of cabbages.
Pretty, ain’t they? Those are flowers all over the stems.
Simple but beautiful. ❤
Another of those flowers that bloom only in Winter (January to February)
Cabbages! MY Cabbages!
The illumination starts early, and they turn on the lights around 4pm.
Kinda magical to see little lights all over.
Seriously. These are super pretty.
I see them all over Tokyo. In particular, Shibuya has them all lined up.
Because in Japan, if they can’t give you real lotus, they’ll put in artificial ones.
Same with roses.
And so the sun is setting. Excited to see the illuminations!

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