Wagayado Guest House

February 8, 2017

Getting accommodations was difficult given that it was festival season, and boy was I glad there’s a last minute cancellation for Wagayado, and managed to book!

How much?

I paid JPY3,500 per night. A towel is not included, so I paid an additional JPY200 for it.

Getting there

Take the bus or train and stop at Sapporo station (Sapporoeki). Wagayado is around 10 minutes away. My marker is the Hakodate line – it’s one block away from the line, so just open google maps, look for Hakodate line, then follow it.

Overall feedback

This place is warm. Which is perfect for Sapporo. The people are also warm and nice – they are so welcoming! More than the normal ones I’ve encountered in Tokyo, which is saying a LOT.


This was the street to go to the hostel. It’s pretty quiet as it’s about a block away from the main street.



The entrance. Yeah, I think that’s an igloo.



The shared room. I had the upper one right there in the middle.



You get a “capsule” room, with a light and a small cabinet.









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