Ramen Alley

February 10, 2017

Japan loves their alleys. The Yakiniku streets in Shinjuku, the pub street in Shibuya… Imagine my surprise with the Ramen Street of Hokkaido!

It’s a couple of minutes walk away from the Susukino Station. Just look for this big sign on the street:

Stores usually open from 11am to 2pm, then again in the evening ’til late.

I decided to visit Teshikaga, thanks to the Burara flyer in the bus from the airport to the city.

I was lucky that when I came in, there’s only two people in front of me. When I left, there’s a long line. Inside is a small space that accommodates around 8 people. That’s it. So patience one must have.
I read in the articles to eat the Gyoza, and order the big one. I decided on the small one (5pcs), and regretted it after one bite. So I ordered a new set. Haha. They told me to mix the soy sauce with vinegar, and of course that’s what I did.
Here comes the ramen! Nom nom nom. It was really good – better than most I’ve tasted (most definitely better than Ichiran Ramen)

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