Navigating Okinawa

March 4, 2017

Okinawa’s public transportation is in no way up to Japan standards. Most people use their own vehicles and tourists are recommended to just rent one. So –

To those with rental cars – lucky you! Please note that the expresssway from Naha to Nago is unlit most of the way. Drive with care. That’s the extent of my advice to you. The rest is for commuters. Off to the next article, you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

To my fellow commuters – they say it’s difficult to commute in Okinawa, and they are right! But we shall persevere! ย So lemme share my experience and hope it’ll make your Okinawa trip easier!
Domestic Airport (Peach and Vanilla Passengers only)

Ok, nobody said this in the blogs, at least in the English ones. Once you arrive in Okinawa Airport, there’s a bus waiting just outside that will shuttle you to the actual bus terminal/international airport. Hence, don’t be surprised that there’s basically nothing in the airport. Go out immediately and board the bus you see (the one I boarded had the Peach and Vanilla logos on them). The first stop of the bus is the international airport. Buses are here.

International Airport

I wanted to go straight to Nago, so I immediately took the bus at the airport – well, after buying JTB’s Enjoy Pass to save on entrance fees. The last trip of Yanbaru is at 6:15pm (JPY2,190), plan accordingly. If you come in later, research on other buses.

There’s a train connecting Naha and the airport that you can use.

Around Nago

Buses are rare but there. So consider the schedule. Some come at three hour intervals – you don’t wanna miss those! For all the places I went to, I shared the bus routes of those I took. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Taxis abound (No money for it though). And I think that there’s more taxi in Nago than in Naha, as there are more buses in Naha.

Around Naha

I actually found it harder to navigate Naha than Nago – probably because in Nago, the staff at All Friends told me which buses to take and those buses’ timelines. Unfortunately, I didn’t have that in Naha.

Naha has a short rail system, with the tickets quite unique. It uses QR codes!

There’s a rail that connects very few places, and plenty of buses. As with the Nago trip, I’ll simply share the routes for the places I went to.

Just look for all items with Okinawa tags. ๐Ÿ˜€
Dearest commuters, IT CAN BE DONE!!! So what if there’s only one or two passengers?? That’s even better! It’s like your private bus. Haha.ย 


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