Old Okinawa: Ryukyu Mura


March 2, 2017

Japan has themeparks all over. There’s a lot in Okinawa too, two of which allows attendees to experience “old Okinawa”. Now, if you are not one to take part in the activities, this is probably not for you. It’ll probably take you 10 minutes to go all over the place. If you ARE one to take part in activities, you might end up like me who spent about four hours here.

How to Get There:

Take bus 120, which comes around every 30 minutes. Check the routes here:


Wait for them to say Ryukyu Mura (bus stop 25, but it seems there are different stops for some buses), which is not so clear (at least to me). Hence, be alert, and check the expected schedule. It’s a pretty good gauge that you’re near and have to be 100% alert.

How to Leave:

Take the same bus. 🙂

*video of the show at the end

It’s like a church activity. Haha. Basically they are asking the participants to raise their hands like what you do when you shout “banzai”
Apparently, this is how they “juice” sugarcanes in the olden days. They have a carabao (water buffalo) pull this machine that squeezes the sugar cane.

Food trip

This place introduced me to Blue Seal Ice Cream and I fell in love. There’s also a great snack in the park, for only JPY500! Considering that the ice cream is already JPY350, this is a steal!


One activity is weaving (?) or using the loom (?). I didn’t do this because for JPY1,000, in around 20 minutes, you’ll finish a small square cloth, and that’s it.

Another is pottery – but since they have to put the pottery in the fire for a couple of hours, they will ship you your finished product, but this service is available only in Japan. Since I’ve done pottery in Cambodia (might as well do pottery in the land of the Angkor), I skipped this.

There are also painting activities – you paint a shisha (the dragon thingy) or mugs I think. There’s also beads bracelet making, lamp making, etc.

What I tried is clay molding a shisha:

They give you three things:

  1. small rectangular block – that’s your mold
  2. model parts
  3. model final product

You then shape your rectangular block by hand to copy the model parts, and then they give you a bowl with sticky mud to help you paste the parts. Then they bake it for 50 minutes. Voila! You’re done. 😉

Here are some videos of the trip:

He’s cute, ain’t he? ❤

This is a lot similar to what I saw in Scent of a Woman, and this makes me soooo happy. If you’ll notice, even some senior citizens in wheelchairs joined!


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