I’ve got a Pineapple! Ugh! Pineapple Park!

February 28, 2017

I apologize for the title. I just can’t help it.

Going to Pineapple Park’s a tad tricky. For one, google maps as of writing this article does not recognize the local buses that pass through it. So I asked the staff at All Friends and got the schedule.

How to Get There

Board bus 70. Check the routes here:


Look for 名桜大 学入口. That’s the station you want.

I was supposed to board the first trip at 9ish, but I slept in. The next bus was 12ish, and the one after that at 3ish. So yeah, time management is critical here. Anyways, I got in the 12ish bus, stopped too early and walked around 30 minutes up. Your stop should be immediately after passing the Pineapple Park -don’t press the stop button before seeing the huge Pineapple.

How to Leave

My next stop is the aquarium, so just go to the same bus stop and wait for the next bus 70. Easy peasy.

Quick Tips

  • Pay the JPY400 for the ride. Might as well do it. And you should also do it first – to have more appreciation of the place.
  • If you are familiar with pineapples, and are pressed for time, skip this.
  • Buy the dessert. It’s pineapple overload, and I’ve no idea where else you’ll experience it.
  • Don’t buy the pineapple goods – just taste everything. Well, unless you luuuve pineapples, you can satisfy your curiosity with plenty of free tastes.

Pay the JPY400 for the ride. It’s basically the highlight of your trip here.
What’s pretty cool is that it is electric, and self driven. I was thinking it’s like a train, yet I couldn’t see any way they control it externally.
For whatever reason, they have a shell museum inside the park!
Dum dum! The JPY1,400 dessert! Oh, my parfait collection is growing!!!
It IS HUGE! Bigger than a… pineapple! (no, this is not a joke but it does sound like i’m trying huh)
Either way, this is the entrance, with their Mascot. It honestly looks weird to me…



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