Ocean Expo Park, Not Just Churaumi Aquarium


February 28, 2017

Seriously. They should stop saying Churaumi Aquarium and start calling it the Okinawa Ocean Expo Park. It isn’t fair! There’s plenty to see outside of the aquarium.

How to Get There:

Only three buses go to the park: bus 65, 66 and 70. (Bus 70 also passes through Pineapple Park and Fruits Land). Check the routes here:


Look for 記念 公園前. That’s the station you want.

How to Leave:

Take the same bus across the street (opposite of where you got off). Check the last schedule of your bus going there, add a couple of minutes and that’s probably the last bus to go back. To be safe, the last bus comes around an hour after the close of the park, so I figure you’ll be safe.

Quick Tips:

  • Allot plenty of time to explore – this is a big park, not just the aquarium. There’s a garden, some shows, etc. It’s an entire compound.
  • Go for sunset!
  • Target to be in the park around 2pm – some aquarium events are scheduled around that time.
  • Prepare to walk a LOT.


Since I woke up late, I only managed to catch a bit of the park:

Dolphin Show


I shamefully haven’t seen a dolphin show, so when I saw there was one, I immediately went to it. Oh, and it’s free!

Botanical Garden


It IS the year of the chicken.

There were other “animals” in the compound:




There also was a crab, an octopus, etc.

The Aquarium

Yeah yeah, here’s the highlight of the place:

The entrance itself is cute, isn’t it?


Upon entry, you’ll see an “open aquarium” where you can touch the sea creatures. I put my hand in, didn’t have the guts to touch the slimy looking black thingy. I’ve touched a starfish before so I didn’t even try this time.
Look at the size of this lobster! It’s bigger than my fist! Oh, I want some butter and garlic on that!
There are feeding sessions for the whale shark. You can view it from the theater (above) or from the big aquarium (below).
This is probably the most used location in pictures.





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